Common Resume Writing Mistakes

Top 10 Resume Writing Mistakes

There are some things that can make your resume too amateur. If you want to be hired by the best company your resume should be top notch. Here is the list of the most widely found resume writing mistakes:

  • Too Much Focus on Job Duties

Your resume shouldn’t be too boring and focused mostly on the job duties and responsibilities. The best tip is to show the differences you’ve made from one company to another. Focus better on the achievements developed while working and the way your company benefited from it, etc.

  • Using General Objective Statements

This may make the candidates lose the reader at the beginning. The standard phrases are overused and may spoil the first impression immediately. Simply substitute them with the tag lines with what you expertise or do.

  • Making Resume Either too Short or Long

A lot of people think that the shorter the resume the better. Another simply write whatever they want to include in the resume, making it endless and irrelevant. Though, there is no rule of the resume length, the experts claim it shouldn’t be longer than ten years of experience.

  • Use of Articles, Personal Pronouns

Resume is a formal business document that should be deprived of any kind of the mentions of “I” or “me,” and less use of the articles.

  • Irrelevant Information

do not include the information that is not to the point in your resume especially applying for a particular job position.

  • Using a Functional Resume Instead of a Good Career History

People who have a brilliant job history may not resort to the functional resume usage. In the case you have no career history, search urgently or jump from work to work you can use the ordinary resume.

  • Resume Without a Summary Section

This section is a major selling part of your resume. The career summary should directly demonstrate the level of skills and experience related to the job position you are applying.

  • Resume Without Key Words

With the majority of companies that use the technology of resume storage, the job hunters should include the key words into their resumes to be found faster.

  • Referring to the Referees

Employers know you have references. Use the statement to end your resume writing or at least round out its layout.

  • Use of Typos

The matter is that one typo can make your resume a trash. You need to proofread the resume and edit it to make it as perfect a you are.